Justin Hanalla (director)

Justin Hanalla (director)


Justin is young when it comes to the Real Estate game. At 27 years of age, he is the Director of JHT Real Estate. However, despite this he brings with him ample knowledge in all things Real Estate, including development. 

With a background in psychology and a passion for providing the best customer service, Justin is determined to make his mark in the Real Estate world. 

JHT Real Estate was founded because Justin felt the need to change the perception of Real Estate. A passion to provide excellent customer service and the desire to achieve the best price possible. With the support of family, friends, and a veteran colleague in Real Estate, Justin aims to do just that.

A married, and proud father of 2 boys, Justin is proud to call himself a Real Estate Agent, A Registered Land Agent, an Auctioneer, and the Director/Principal of JHT Real Estate.